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Act II: Cowboy Carter (Album Review)

March 29 is here and so is the second act of Renaissance.

By Gladys W. MuturiPublished 23 days ago β€’ 5 min read
Act ii: Cowboy Carter (2024)

March 29

March 29 is here and so is the second act of Renaissance!!! Finally, all 27 tracks featured other artists: Dolly Parton, Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, Willie Nelson, and her youngest daughter Rumi. Some of the tracks lasted under 60 seconds.

Track 1. Ameriican Requiem

In the beginning, it sounded like a church funeral organ with a chorus of Beyonce singing then it hits with a strum of guitar. This song put a grin on my face. The sound was similar to a country tune or better yet to Jimi Hendrix's guitar tune.

Track 2. Blackbiird (featuring Brittney Spencer, Reyna Roberts, Tanner Adell, and Tiera Kennedy)

I liked the tapping sound but I was slightly disappointed that it was short and it was quick however the song could've been a little bit longer.

Track 3. 16 Carriages

I love this song, it has an incredible country beat. I keep this song on repeat. When she kept singing "16 carriages", the beat goes harder making it louder.

Track 4. Protector (featuring Rumi Carter)

This track featuring Rumi was beautifully made and touching. This song is like an open letter to her children.

Track 5. My Rose

This track is like a short track of a chorus of Beyonce's singing like it was a Christmas carol.

Track 6. Smoke Hour Willie Nelson (featuring Willie Nelson)

In this track, I heard some of the classic country icons including Elvis Presley tuning in the radio and Willie Nelson on the track taking a smoke break.

Track 7. Texas Hold 'Em

I have heard of this song since Beyonce released the song during the Super Bowl and of course Tik Tok. This sounds a bit different and better than the single release.

Track 8. Bodyguard

Her vocals are too good for this song. This is like the different version of "Cuff It" except this was too country. Everything was too body swaying.

Track 9. Dolly P

This is just a second of Dolly Parton being a part of the track.

Track 10. Jolene

Dolly's dream of Beyonce covering her song came true. This cover version was different than Dolly's song however I was distracted with somebody in the track saying "Jolene" in the background. It didn't need that but the music.

Track 11. Daughter

It added the guitar playing with beautiful lyrical storytelling with her singing in an opera tune at the end.

Track 12. Spaghettii (featuring Linda Martell and Shaboozey)

This track went hard with a fiddler in the track. I almost thought it was Lil Nas X rapping the track until I found out it wasn't.

Track 13. Alliigator Tears

This was like a chill country tune with chorus of her.

Track 14. Smoke Hour II (featuring Willie Nelson)

Another quick break hour from Willie Nelson.

Track 15. Just for Fun (featuring Willie Jones)

This track is too similar to "Alligator Tears" except this has the piano and harmonica in this track. It feels like it is meant to be in a modern western movie.

Track 16. II Most Wanted (featuring Miley Cyrus)

I'm surprised to hear this track featuring Miley Cyrus but I was so excited to hear this. When I heard this song, I was amused by this song. I didn't know whether to pass out or cry. Miley and Beyonce making this country track. No words!!!!! 🀯🀯🀯🀯

Track 17. Levii's Jeans (featuring Post Malone)

I loved this song. This is the first time hearing Post singing I guess I am so used to him rapping and singing "Congratulations".

Track 18. Flamenco

This song was too short and quick to critque so let's skip to track 20.

Track 19. The Linda Martell Show (featuring Linda Martell)

Linda Martell introduces the next song.

Track 20. Ya Ya

This track is similar to Nancy Sintara's "These Boots are Made For Walking", it sounded like classic country muse, with background singers singing along with a little bit of rock and roll. This song is a shaking good time.

Track 21. Oh Louisiana

Same small track.

Track 22. Desert Eagle

I like this track this was like funky country but short.

Track 23. Riiverdance

I like the way she says "Bounce on this sh*t, dance" I couldn't stop listening to it nonstop. It is also similar to "Cuff It" and some of the first-act elements on it.

Track 24. II Hands II Heaven

This seems like a complex song with intricate vocals and production. I sense heavenly sounds in this track.

Track 25. Tyrant (featuring Dolly Parton)

Dolly and Beyonce are on this track I heard some of Dolly and Beyonce's vocals in this song until the song drops into a beat. I felt more hip-hop than country in this song.

Track 26. Sweet Honey Buckiin' (featuring Shaboozey)

It was a little bit of Renaissance and a little bit of country with sweet harmony then hits with buck beat music.

Track 27. Amen

The grand finale is similar to the first track. This song was celebortory to the end of the album. Similar track but different tune.

This album took BeyoncΓ© to a whole other music genre level. From Act I it took her to the dance vogue world to Act II taking country music with a little bit of rock and roll. This album was captivating, soul country, and a good time. I wouldn't say it is the "Beyonce" album it was the "soul-country Beyonce" album. Some of her songs should been a little bit longer not shorter. My favorite tracks on this album are Ameriican Requim, 16 Carriages, II Most Wanted, Riiverdance, and Levi's Jeans.

I already did an album review on Act I Renaissance if you want to listen and read my reviews πŸ‘‡

Which was your favorite song on Act II Cowboy Carter???? Comment below!!!

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