"Acid Rain:" The Meaning

by Alexis Bellaw about a year ago in song reviews

Lorn's song "Acid Rain" is slightly confusing in the music video, so here's a theory.

I've watched this music video quite a few times. It just fascinates me with the dancing and death. I didn't quite get the meaning behind the video though. I was at a complete loss.

I did some research after scrolling through the comment section full of theories and compliments on the video. Here's what I found:

Most people believe this is based on Native Mythology. Apparently, when one comes face to face with death, they are granted one last dance. The Native Mythology makes a lot of sense because you'll notice in the beginning when the first girl steps into the little shop there is a wooden statue of a Native man.

It's so beautiful. The music fits with the choreography and the camerawork. I love the fact the girls are all cheerleaders. The kinds of people you would see a lot of pep in. The types that always seem so cheerful.

The third girl seemed like she was ready for death. She danced happily, outside the window to the rest of the girls as they finished their last dance.

I also feel like the first girl was fighting for her life through the dancing. I felt like she wanted to hold on to her life as much as possible since death couldn't touch her while she was dancing. She was the driver after all. I think she feels guilty and responsible for the girls and I feel she is trying to save them even though it was too late. I think she finally realized that at the end where she stopped dancing and held her wound. Then it cut to all of the girls in the wrecked vehicle where they all sat lifelessly.

I feel like there were people inside the shop that witnessed the wreck. You don't see them though because the girls are in a sort of in-between. They're dying, so why would they be dancing in the real world? That makes no sense. Therefore, they're the only ones at that moment.

I also think that the girls that don't get their own solo dance were killed instantly at the scene. Their last dance was cut a little short. Perhaps maybe they just wanted to die already also. Maybe they wanted their last dance, but they didn't want it to be too long. They were ready to die.

I also love the vintage look to it. Everything looks older and I am the type of person who is definitely drawn to stuff like that. Another thing is that the cheerleaders aren't sexualized. They look like actual cheerleaders rather the ones you would see in the media and television. They're even wearing white spandex under the skirts for when they kick.

The way the camera moved made me feel like I was Death watching them dance. It was shot in very few shots too which added to the beauty and creativity of it all.

You'll also notice if you set the video on a loop you can barely tell where it starts and where it ends. It's like a never-ending loop. It's really amazing.

This video is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. It's so heartbreaking too. Lots of people can connect with this video from experience and it's depressing, really. At the same time though, it's beautiful. It shows the beautiful side to life or death.

There isn't a music video out there that has made me feel the way this one has. It's so emotionally deep and it resins in your bones. I don't ever want to stop watching it. It's like it's brainwashing me, but I love it. I was even playing it on repeat as I wrote this.

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Alexis Bellaw
Alexis Bellaw
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