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Aaliyah Says Tink Is the One in A "Million"

She is killing the R&B game.

By Latasha EdwardsPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Tink has rekindled the spirit of R&B in 2017 when her first debut song “Treat Me Like Somebody,” was released. It brought us back to the 90's, a time when SWV was on constantly replaying on the radio. Her new song “Million,” is reminiscent of the late R&B mogul Aaliyah’s “One in a MIllion.” It’s catchy and sentimental lyrics definitely pierces the soul. It’s refreshing to hear a young artist sing about love especially since it’s not a profitable entity in today’s music industry.

“Cause you touch my spirit, can you feel it, give me that, there’s a passion for it can’t ignore it, give me that, love.” I think Tink is the voice in the industry that every young person has been subconsciously seeking. Her voice mirrors the style of Coco’s from SWV. Smooth and heavenly. Timbaland has overdone himself (as usual) in the production quality of the song. He infuses quirky melodramatic beats with conventional sounds. Imagine Aaliyah’s style mixed with today’s music style. Pretty stellar right?! The musical transitions and breaks in the song allures me from the beginning to the end. I guess Timbaland isn’t completely crazy for saying that Aaliyah appeared to him and told him “Tink is the one,” in a dream. Let’s hope that Tink will live up to Aaliyah’s high expectations.

It’s already meeting her expectations the music video reminds me of the original song “One in a Million,” plays while Tink sits on the floor of an all white studio with three speakers blasting and a boom box. Lying on the floor is multicolor cords connected to the speakers. The video continues to show Tink and her Mr. Right expressing their love for each other (not in the physical sense) by spending quality time together in the club or in the streets. Her video beau seems like the bad boy type, but she expresses how he makes her happy. She even does some awesome dancing and choreography in the video, and you don’t see many popular artists dancing in their videos. Today’s business seems to be all about image versus talent and I think Tink is a major threat because she’s does not fit into that frame.

Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I can finally relate to today’s generation. The song and the video is simplistic and raw, so raw that it takes me back to time where people were just dancing, clubbing and having fun. Most songs I’ve seen by R&B artists were very ominous and bizarre. In addition to that the singers song’s are full of pain and negativity. Tink expresses something that is more positive. The idea of being in love with someone who connects with me spiritually makes me feel like you are flying or according to the “walking on air.”

Or it can inspire daydreams about the pattern of each breath my future soulmate takes when he is sleeping next to me. “Million,” evokes a deeper meaning that if you take one million men in the world and date each one of them, only one of those men just might be your soulmate. In "Treat Me Like Somebody," Tink singing about finding love. I’m glad she finally found it in this new song. I would never change the lyrics of the song, but the video should have shown more scenes of Tink and her beau in the video. There were too many scenes where they were in club surrounded by too many people. I would recommend this song to people who loves R&B with substance and a positive message.

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