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A look back at Charlie Smith + friends live at the arthouse

A gig review of 9th September at the arthouse

By Charlie SmithPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Hello, it's only me again. You know that man who does gigs sometimes and spends the rest of the time watching old horror movies and eating pizza. Not the most interesting life I can assure you, but we are not here to talk about that today. We have some far more exciting news for you. I want to talk about a Gig I hosted at the arthouse on the 9th of September. Some familiar faces returned to make a lovely night of music. I was for the second time a very unintimidating doorman, but I must self-congratulate myself and say that I am improving. Maybe I have got to hit the gym, but hey at least I am pleasant meet and greater. In this article, we are going to take a look back on the evening and also take a look at a brand new musical partnership that seems to have developed.

The running order for the evening:

  • Rhirhi
  • Bo Gallows
  • The Reverend Sam
  • Charlie Smith
  • Rhirhi

Rhihi photo by Charlie Smith

What can I say about Rhirhi other than that she was fantastic, as always? She is always so shy but has such a great voice. I have some fantastic news that I am very pleased to share with you. Rhirhi has been putting in some hard work and has released a cracking new single out 'Faded colours'. I will be linking it below so please do make sure you check it out.

Bo gallows

Bo gallows photo by Charlie Smith

What can I say about this wondering minstrel? Other than he was onstage again and giving it all. He wasn't alone on stage this time as he was joined on stage by The Reverend Sam. A music collaboration I didn't know that I needed.

Bo gallows + Reverend Sam duo

These two were tearing up the joint together. I don't like to take the credit all that often but I must say that I am very proud of my handy work in putting these two together. What a treat. I must say that my favourite of the evening was watching these two jaming and also a bit of cocaine blues. I mean who doesn't like cocaine, who doesn't like the blues !?

Stay posted on Bo Gallows because I am hearing that he has new music coming. He hadn't drunk anything at the time he told me this, so we can safely assume that this is true and will be happening.

Th Reverend Sam

The Reverend Sam photo by Charlie Smith

Looking back at this picture I was reminded of just how talented The Reverend Sam is. He is not just a master of one instrument but of many. If I'm honest at times I do struggle with just the guitar so it is rather impressive to have all these instruments on the go at one show. Keeping them all in tune!? That is alot of effort and deserves alot of appreciation.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith photo by Dean Smith

Well, it's time to talk about myself now which I would never shy away from but I feel like there is not so much to say about me. I just really want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting my shows lately and also like to thank all the venues that have allowed me to put on some awesome shows. River studios, The Ange and finally the arthouse. I have written articles about those gigs aswell so please check it out if you want to read a little more of what I have been up to.

I do plan to host more of my own gigs in the future because I have been meeting more and more acts that I deserve more of a platform and I will strive to deliver that when I can.

Also, I have a new song that has been released since my last article 'Reap what you sow' so I will link that below if you would like to check that out. As always thanks for reading


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