A Comprehensive List of What I'm Expecting from Harry's New Album

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It's a new year and a new Styles.

A Comprehensive List of What I'm Expecting from Harry's New Album

A reinvented Styles

At 17 years old, Harry was a part of a One Direction made for TV documentary where he sat crying, wishing he could fit in and not be judged. Now, at 25, we are gifted with a rocker who has thrown societal norms aside, and is living life as comfortable as he should’ve since the start. He’s happy and undoubtedly comfortable in his skin like he deserved to have been from the very beginning.

The studio version of Anna and Medicine

You may have forgotten, Styles, but we haven’t. “Medicine” and “Anna” were songs that were part of Harry’s tour setlist just last year. Obviously, they became immediate fan favorites. The line “and when I sleep, I’m gonna dream of how you…” with the crowd filling in with a loud “tasted” at the she-grin of Harry who’s never released the lyrics of “Medicine,” was the most connected any of us have ever felt with an artist before. So, at the pleasure of all fans everywhere, please release a studio version of both. My downloaded versions aren’t cutting it anymore.

A powerhouse ballad similar to “Sign of the Times.”

“Lights Up,” the lead single for the new album, isn’t nearly as much of an emotional hard-hitter as his debut album’s lead single, “Sign of the Times” was. However, that doesn’t mean much to me, honestly. It just shows that his new album will be an entirely different sound, and that’s definitely something I’m looking forward to. Still, I want a song similar to the sound of “Sign of the Times.” I want a song that gives me that same emotional connection.

More heart wrenching songs that make me want to rip my heart out because honestly, I’d be less painful.

Let’s be honest, Harry’s entire debut album was moody and full of sadness. Out of 10 tracks, I would only consider two of them to have not made me cry my eyes out. For the next album, I would appreciate the same kind of mood. Performing an album that was so heavy and deep gave Harry the opportunity to make connections with fans, especially at shows.

Watermelon Sugar

Harry had to have known that tweeting something as suggestive as “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run” would create an absolute frenzy among fans, and it did. Now, thanks to his arrogance, I’m expecting “Watermelon Sugar to be the anthem of the year. However, let's be clear, if “Kiwi” was a walk, we’re in for something special.

More than 10 tracks

I’m going to try and say this without sounding ungrateful. I want more than 10 songs. It’s not enough, okay? Not when I know that you’ve got songs like “Medicine,” “Anna,” “Baby Honey,” and “Complicated Freak” that you didn’t add to the first album. I KNOW you write more songs than what you put on the album. Stop hiding them.

A collaboration or two.

Harry didn’t collaborate at all on his first album, but with as eclectic as his taste is, his voice would sound incredible with an artist of any genre, honestly. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting, pleading, and beginning for a collaboration with Stevie Nicks. Could you even imagine?

Songs about sex and sadness

For his Rolling Stones cover story, Harry promised that his album would be comprised of sex and sadness. I’m holding him to that promise. His whole first album didn’t really have that vibe at all. However, if Harry’s album is anything like the lead single, we’ll get exactly what we asked for.

A powerful opener like “Only Angel.”

“Only Angel” was the perfect song to open with during his tour. The angelic choir at the start with a booming “Hey, Hey!” by Harry to cut the song into a rock anthem was the perfect way to start a show. His upcoming album will need a song like that. It will need a song that, upon first listen, the fans will go “yep, that’s the opener!”

An album documentary.

We were blessed. I repeat, we were blessed. 2017 was a good year. One of the many gifts we received was a behind the album doc. We got to see the intimate creation of such a deep and personal album. We got footage of Harry in Jamaica, Harry in studio, and Harry talking about some of the personal connections and friendships he made along the way. This album needs that. Too much has changed in the last two years for us to not have some insight into. Please don’t let us down.

A piano ballad.

The piano is such a personal instrument. It’s so intimate. I personally would appreciate seeing Harry actually play the piano on tour, rather than just have a ballad. Honestly, could you imagine Harry, one spotlight on him the entire time, unmoving at a piano bench?

More Harry playing guitar.

The guitar kind of became Harry’s third arm on his last tour. It was also his personal political statement with stickers like the rainbow flag and “Black Lives Matter” plastered on it. Also, some of his best songs and covers like “Two Ghosts” and “Girl Crush” were played on the guitar. Without being dramatic, we need more of that perfection.

Songs that are loud, if you catch my drift.

What’s an article of mine without a little bit of Larry? Louis has been loud lately. With songs like “We Made It” and practically his ENTIRE promo, it’s Harry’s turn.

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