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64-Year-Old Madonna Embarks on World Tour: A Lifetime of Crashing the Status Quo

How do you like her now?

By Mona LazarPublished 16 days ago 4 min read
64-Year-Old Madonna Embarks on World Tour: A Lifetime of Crashing the Status Quo
Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

‘I will not stop. I will go until the wheels fall off.’

That’s what Madonna plans to do with her life. On top until the end.

But while she’s adamant about living her life unapologetically,

everybody else is also adamant about waiting for her wheels to fall off while hurling insults at her.

Nothing new about humanity, right?

To add to the drama, the queen of controversy is embarking on a greatest-hits tour. The first of her career. At 64 years old.

It made me wonder when was the last time I did something for the first time. And I know I fall short because no matter how great I’d be at not giving up, Madonna beats me by a long shot.

It’s probably the case for most of us. We find a comfy place and rot there in anonymity. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But there is something wrong with blaming those who don’t.

A lot has happened lately with Madonna. Most of it is inspired frowns rather than smiles.

Her posts on social media, her new look, and her daring behavior sparked heated conversations.


‘Madonna needs to chill, she’s too old to be masquerading like a child on Tik Tok.’

‘She shouldn’t have gotten that plastic egg face. She looks like an alien Marylin Manson now.’

‘She should accept her age gracefully.’

‘Rubbing her privates against young men in reels is disgusting, she needs to stop.’

I want to address all of the above with one question: why?

Why does she need to chill? Why does she need to be decent and act according to her age? Why not look like alien eggs? Why would anyone care what she looks like or acts like but her?

Instead of taking a good look in the mirror, we’re busy pushing Madonna off Humpty Dumpty’s wall, just to check: could the king’s men put Madonna together again?

Yet Madonna has been putting herself together again since forever and obviously, she has no problem with the wheels falling off.

While society is pointing the finger at her lack of decency, it forgets pointing fingers is as indecency in itself.

What exactly is this decency that everyone requires?

Decency is defined as “behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.”

Ha! Well, that’s exactly what Madonna has been fighting against her whole life. She doesn’t conform to accepted standards. She never has, whether Karen and her grandma like it or not.

That’s her whole stage persona. If she makes a fool of herself, that’s on her.

If she looks like an egg, that’s her choice.

If she chooses to put her sexuality on display past a certain age, those are her own privates on display.

It’s exactly this kind of unapologetic attitude that kept her relevant where others have crumbled.

Under the hyper-pressure of gargantuan success she chose to shrug it off and fling her pointy bra at the masses one more time.

Madonna has chosen to challenge the status quo every chance she got. And it worked.

She is one of the reasons why more and more women today dare to be different. Dare to be sexual past 40. Dare to laugh out loud at society’s limitations.

Her legacy goes a million miles beyond her music: it’s her attitude, view on life, and free lifestyle that make her the icon that she is today.

And to add a shameless cherry on top of her non-vanilla life, she is embarking on a world tour. At 64. Bam!

Actually, I believe she gets a jolt of pleasure every time she boldly does something that the world disagrees with.

Madonna is an artist, not your run-of-the-mill basic b***h who does what the world thinks she should. And she loves doing the opposite!

While every Tom, Dick and Harry were busy telling her to act like a lady, or more, recently, the old lady that she is, Madonna was busy impacting global culture. Ludicrous!

I can just hear Madonna chuckle in her bathroom while taking one more selfie possibly riding a diamond-plated bidet while getting a shoulder massage from some muscly young guy dressed in a transparent thong.

Let that image sink in.

Because it’s an image that bothers nothing else but the status quo. And the status quo needs a lot of bothering, challenging, and breaking.

Talking about breaking, people wondering if Madonna might break a hip during these extensive concerts need to stop trying to look concerned and admit it for what it really is: ageism disguised as concern.

If she breaks a hip, it’s her hip. It’s her choice. She’s the one suffering the consequences.

Apparently, Madonna is too old to do anything, but still not old enough to make her own choices!

Be that as it may, but it looks like she’s always been just old enough to do whatever she wanted and never ask anyone for permission.

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