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5 Events That Became Popular in the Last 20 Years

Best Music Events in The Last 20 Years

By EventsuredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read


It will be more and more difficult in the following years to host and organize a music festival with dozens of performing bands and thousands of participants but not impossible. If you never experienced the vibe of a huge stadium filled with people screaming at the top of their lungs their favorite artist’s lyrics, then you must check this off your bucket list.

The music festival emerged in England in the 18th century as an extension of urban concert life into a form of seasonal cultural festivity structured around a schedule of music performances or concerts. Nowadays festivals are held everywhere and in every season.

The pandemic’s effect on the live entertainment business has been devastating. The global live events industry lost more than $30 billion in 2020 due to the global pandemic.

1. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is Belgian electronic dance music held in Boom, Flanders, Belgium since 2005. It’s the first on our list thanks to its unbelievable stage decor and surreal atmosphere. The festival is famous for its fairy-tale-like decor and the amazing artists and DJs performing on the stage. The impressive line-up that didn’t disappoint in any of the 15 years that the event was held, made it a must on the list of any serious music-lover out there.

In 2021, the founders thought of a digital festival with the world’s biggest artists on multiple new stages. Prepare for a glorious celebration and connect with people from all corners of the planet. If you are part of the crew organizing the festival or you’re thinking about hosting an independent concert, you can check the insurances available at and make sure you got your investment covered no matter what comes in the future.

2. Burning Man

Burning Man Festival in Nevada is a huge event held in the middle of the desert, which makes it incredibly unique and reminds of the actual Mad Max scenes the audience was used to see on the big screen exclusively. The origins of the event come from a European ritual dating back to ancient times, around Iulius Caesar’s era. Originally it was called Wicker Man, a Celtic ritual that was very popular in many European countries.

3. Coachella

More precisely known as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, takes place over two weekends at the Empire Polo Ground in Indio, California. Due to the current restrictions, it has been rescheduled: first from April to October 2020, then to April 2021, and then October, although the October dates were not officially confirmed by promoters and there have been no dates posted on the festival’s official website for several months.

4. Brutal Assault

Brutal Assault is a heavy metal music festival, held annually since 1990 on the first weekend of August in the village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Almost all styles of hard rock and metal are represented. It is now one of the largest heavy metal festivals in the world and one of the largest open-air festivals in Germany.

5. Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is another great modern festival with an eclectic lineup and diverse artists, all performing for the international audience, loyal to the festival. With 8 stages, and 170+ bands from all over the world, every Lolla lineup makes hands wave, heads nod, and crowds go crazy. Lollapalooza takes over historic Grant Park in Downtown Chicago, alongside the beautiful Chicago skyline and the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a treat for your eyes, ears, and taste buds as well.

Final Thoughts

These five events are legendary moments in the recent history of music and worldwide entertainment and will continue to gather thousands of fans and music lovers from around the globe in the following years, as soon as the restrictions are over.

Other events are equally important or even bigger than these examples, but the selected festivals in the list above have the longest history in the entertainment industry so far. Who knows what the future holds for future generations?


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