5 albums that are underrated and "hidden"


5 albums that are underrated and "hidden"

There are millions upon millions of songs around the world, to the point that some get missed out. Its either because they never gained popularity in a national or internationally, or bands having a short performance span. Of course there are some are good, some are bad but the trick of it is to find them and to see if they appeal to your personal taste. That's what I usually look for. Sometimes I'll be using Spotify, Instagram, or YouTube and I'll either accidentally find the song, or somebody has it written down in the comments. Its like these hidden gems that some amount of people know. So I wanted to share my 5 favorite hidden albums/bands

5. Righeira

Its a two person Italian disco band that was pretty popular in Italy and some Hispanic countries during the 80's. What made them popular in the first place is the single "Vamos A La Playa" in Europe. They didn't get high when it comes to single charts but in Italy their album "L'estate sta finendo" got to the top number 1 for two weeks. Which is pretty impressive in a national scale. They sometimes sing songs in Spanish in the songs "Vamos A La Playa" and "No Tengo Dinero", giving them this international vibe from them. Not only their music is great but also their music videos. Their authentically 80's to the point it might as well be illegal. Have fun with that. They can mostly be found in YouTube and Spotify.

4. The Court Of The Crimson King

This album, made by King Crimson, was published in 1969 and it is claimed to be one of the most influential progressive rock album ever released. Which I agree, its progressive rock at its finest. Some of their songs have this psychedelic effect that either calms you or makes you motivated in a way that's impact-full. You must experience it in order to get the whole affect. There's a song that Kanye West used for his song "Power" from "21st Century Schezoid man" and the original track is quite epic as well. Another album to give a hear is "Discipline" especially "Frame By Frame" published in 1981. Its a great album as well and both can be found in YouTube and Spotify.

3. Dead Man's Party

Made by Oingo Boingo is similar to A Flock Of Seagulls but much more jumpy. Their music is great and comedic, especially "Weird Science". As of right now, I haven't expanded their other singles and albums but when I have the time I will. Although I can assure you that this album, you would at least appreciate some songs. Can be found in Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

2. Molchat Doma

Now this is a band that is recent. They're a Bulgarian band, started in 2017 and as of now they got 2 albums out "Etazhi (2018)" and "From Roofs Of Our Houses (2017)" It's a brand new band and its gaining recognition recently, especially in Europe. Their music is a mixture of synth pop, post-punk, and rock. Their motivated by the pre-cold war bands and Joy Division. Its one of the those it-sounds-great-until-you-listen-closely kind of songs. If you like a mix of modern and past musical techniques, this would be for you.

1. Unknown Pleasures

Made by Joy Division, is one of the best albums I've ever heard to this day. The album is basically going into the singer's mind of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the British underground band. The lyrics are filled with themes of alienation, loneliness, deception, emptiness, and depressing themes. Not only that but it does that whole thing where it sounds great and jolly, especially "Disorder". A lot of people praise the album in a global scale, from being the top 50 influential albums, to top 100 best albums. Sadly though the singer died to suicide in 1980 due to his mental illness and depression issues. Its really a tragedy that at the end he didn't see his own band succeed to the fullest. Then after his death, the other band members decide to create a new band called New Order. Which was pure techno into the 21st Century. My favorite from them is "Blue Monday", which everyone has a different interpretation of it. Some people say it talks about Curtis' death and how they feel, to how they feel deciding to make a separate band in general. They're still around, just not a popular as they used to be.

Thats about it, my personal top 5 albums I personally enjoy. It is also my first story on this site, to see how it works/functions. I hope you enjoy the reading and if you can share this around.

Thank you for your time.


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