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[48th&4th] "Solo Flights to Space" Abstract Prose (Vol.1)

Weekend Studio Sessions of Abstract Prose Flights

By Rocketship RecordsPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

[48th&4th] "Solo Flights to Space" Abstract Prose (Vol.1)

{Week 24:2022's Weekend Recap}

It was a rough week in the studio. With a show of hands, could we see how many records were under pressing delays, destruction, or recording malfunctions? Ah, yes, there are the hands from the talents. Yes, things happen.

So, when things such as this happen, many result to wandering into the caves of their imaginations, wonderlands, wonder walls of inspirations, even (physically) relocating themselves in search of refreshing material to alter their surroundings. Either way, "BACK TO THE TAPES" was the rolling joke within the studios, with decks covered with our vintage (but STILL in excellent working and operating conditions) equipment, devices, rigs, prototypes, and a few rag-tag inventions made on demand for specific given purposes in order to achieve whatever was needed in that moment for recording.

However, quality was lacking (within sounds) of traditional operations, but will, grit, and the drive of getting it done takes over all remaining categories within the heart and mind of each person present seeking to mix, record, play, perform - what have you - inside of these mini Universes of creation.

Properly dubbed, "Solo Flights to Space", our CREW collected notes from around our great 48th & 4th campus of these various sessions from our talents, their abstract prose, abstract poems, anything for a playback to have on this most inventive occasion.

Venue: The Launch Pad

Entering onto the scene, the band was seven tapes in already. Everything remained in play during takes - the pauses, the breaks, deliveries, the humming of dead air during writing corrections within a song created on the fly - all of it. Rather sloppy in writing, these jams created were highly new for many of the bands. Slipping into new worlds of the expressive side which renders their music, certainly the magic of such a finding channeled its way throughout these venues being occupied. The Launch Pad had its own influence for the talent of the session making for an adventurous and successful flight.

Venue: Rocketship Records (STUDIO: Chuck B)

Most of the session involved creating ideas for a new album in the pipeline of their yearly goal to have, at the least, eight fully ready-made albums set to be 1). listened to, 2). rehearsed, 3). Perform a full practice run (without recording), then 4). performed LIVE for scoring the recording on vinyl as a *1st Pressed: 1st Dubbed* Edition. Another flight solo successful.

Venue: Cafe 484 (The corner of the cafe)

We had the chance to enjoy a session of drinks, desserts, and an improved set of recordings with the band. A solo flight, nonetheless, their abstract prose edition presented a dance-inspired quality not yet heard on the circuit. It could have been the free expresso and scones always on deck which supplied extra ample energy, but the talent was never questioned.

Venue: Rocket Radio FFM (STUDIO: Pinball)

Performing without a care for quality (or sound, direction, take numbers, distraction, or the extras that comes with a recording) the band captured unusual flights within the session, getting down unique prose that often repeated themselves with each and every newly jammed selection. Within a span of six tracks recorded, their overall aesthetic remained stamped behind every single take. *Disclaimer* Not a complaint, whatsoever. An observation.

Venue: Rocketship Records (STUDIO: Spirit)

Never heard an instrument played while in their presence, yet, their collective songwriting ability for this flight was shockingly impressive. But we needed the drums to drum, the guitars to strum, saxes, trumpets, pianos, microphones, and that tape recording doing what it is supposed to do. Shaky beginnings but overall a success.

Venue: The Pocket Rocket (STUDIO: Floor 17 Upstairs Study Nook)

If we counted correctly, the band played their tune twenty-three times in a row. With every take (that we were in presence of listening to) the tune grew stronger and stronger. Crispier. More flavorful. Yet, the flight itself never left the ground. Despite being 5/8th's the way up inside of the Pocket Rocket, the session left a lot of room for so much more (that were in the presence of listening to) we felt like, but, the band knows best. Hopefully, the tune in circulation outperforms in the final reels once (if ever) added into a set, a mix, an album, a compilation, or random record recording edition.

Venue: 48th Cup Cafe (STUDIO: Rooftop)

All of the space in the environment (on top of the 48th Cup Cafe building) during the recording, with all of the traffic, the crunching of the tiny pebbles that outline the rooftop, the on / off / on / off of the multiple air conditioners in operation for the various floors, air ducts, vents, strange flying animals perching up in observation of the session, this solo flight was largely wasted due to the surroundings. All of the space in the rear corner (the closest area to the Rocketship Records building) to, at the least, congregate around their microphones and recorder, their flight might have (probably) a 60% improved quality sound to it. Ah, oh well. The roof was still burning hot with their energy (but NOT on fire - Safety First! Sound Second.)

Venue: Leyland's House (STUDIO: 5 Satins)

(SO.....So..... so..... ...) .... (MUCH.....Much..... much... ...) …… (ECHO.....Echo..... echo.. ..) …… The modification award certainly goes to the band this session. PVC poles, old robes, curtains, bread clips, roach clips, zip ties, plastic bags, crates of records, desks, chairs, guitars cases, speaker crates, and the front edge of the grand Steinway piano, we managed to cocoon the area where the sound would contain within our space on the first rotating platform of the stage 1 room. Their flight was successful, with abstractions writing in their recent energy of album flops, their determination remained. The time invested within the House ran nearly four hours, capturing refreshing material, photos, and new invention tricks for sound dampening effects to be shared with the campus for quick "on the fly - any random sparing moment" usage.

Venue: [D]a(r)t (Gallery Room A)

You couldn't ask for a better space. Equipped with all the set, stationed, and prepared tools for such a sound flight, we ended up running through three tapes, and unfortunately cutting off an entire jam session and soloist finale on the fourth run. Performed prose and poems flew through the speakers with a fire hydrant's force. The band made a sweaty, well served session throughout their recording.

Venue: Rocketship Records (STUDIO: Holiday)

"How much noise can we make?"

(A lot, if we really try)

"Could you switch the A/B units - all of those over there to the max, please?"

(Make sure they're on, too)

(Could you go into the voice box and make sure 'microphone aux 1' is lit up?)

"should I add a microphone over the cymbals?"

(Do it. Allen won't care)

"I found another speaker"

(Let's add this pedal up front)

(Are you cool with standing during these recordings?)

[We'll stand on each others shoulders if we have to, hahaha)




"What spirit, yeah?"


(We're all set up front, the recorder is set, all we need is us)


(Ready on the drums)

"Are we ready, yea"

[We've been LIVE since five]

"Let's do this, then - "

All _^_Flight_^_ recordings were successful.

Rocketship Records. 48th&4th. 2022.


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