2017's Best Music, According to My Biased Judgment

by Connor Thiessen 2 years ago in list

20 of My Favourite Albums From the Past Year (and Then Some)

2017's Best Music, According to My Biased Judgment

Like the sparkling snowfall and the appearance of eggnog in grocery stores, lists of the "best albums of the year" have become a consistent winter occurrence. Blogs, newspapers, and weird friends that haven't talked to you since high school take to their favourite social media sites to inform the public about what music from the past 12 months should be respected (and in some cases, revered) by everyone, regardless of peoples' individual tastes. There's an underlying tone that, if you don't like any of the albums listed by these supposed artistic authorities, then you are an uncultured swine unaware of what good music sounds like. With that said, the following list is not of such a purpose. It's just a list of albums that I've particularly enjoyed over the past several months, and I'd like to share it with you in the possibility that you may also find something enjoyable in it. I am aware that there are a couple genres that are disproportionately represented over others. If you don't like rock, you may have a hard time harvesting anything for your own listening pleasure, but on the chance that we do end up having some similarities in musical tastes, I am happy to present my top 20 albums of 2017 (and then some):

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