Winfield  Brothers

Winfield Brothers

I and my brother will stimulate your sense of adventure in the vast and beautiful lands of Eos In a stream of wonderful short stories. I hope you all read and enjoy.

  • Winfield Brothers
    Published 4 days ago
    The  Story of Loren

    The Story of Loren

    In a time long before the earth took shape or form, divine gods of an unknown world descended from the heavens onto a desolate rock. Having drifted for eons, they grew weary and took a quick interest in the inhospitable wasteland. Finding it to their favor, they created life as forward-thinking and intelligent as they were. For a time, all was peaceful; the gods relished their children, and their children worshiped them unconditionally. As seasons passed, the divines taught them their ways of magic, metal bending, forms of art, and other higher sciences. Thus, their children's power grew as it did their buildings, machines, cities, and weapons of great height and strength. However, one such creation became beyond that of any other. He rivaled even his creators, and Bahadur was his name. Endowed with the greatest of gifts he was to be the shining example of perfection, the brightest star in a sky of the stars a creation that personified the divine’s brilliance. For a time, he was that which they intended, leading the people of the world with his magnificent feats of power the god’s creations reached ever higher heights. Until he himself was worshipped as a deity, held at pinnacle of civilizations, which the gods marveled in admiration at their creation and what they were capable to do in the beginning. The god’s admiration would not last long, however. Marveled as they were, they quickly grew concerned that they had taught their children too much, and so decided to hold a council. The verdict was unanimous---they would leave the earth and rule afar, in their kingdom.