Willing Torres

  • Willing Torres
    Published 26 days ago
    Aspiration Accomplished

    Aspiration Accomplished

    I've always loved motorcycles as far as I could remember. The 1st time I road one was when I was 19 years old in 2000. I remember it like it was yesterday, my dad road and had an extra motorcycle and said lets ride. My first ride, was two hours one way from Jamaica, NY to the Hamptons in Long Island, NY. It was scary but so amazing at the same time because I had never ridden before and only knew the concept of how to ride from what I've seen and what I had been told from other riders. Ever since that first time, I've fallen in love with riding even though I almost ate the back of a box truck that stopped short on my way back home. Every year that I have ridden since I started. I've experienced a different version of myself and when I ride I am able to reflect on my life and notice my growth as a person. I first learned to ride a "crotch rocket" and that's all I road for my first 16 years riding. I remember saying to myself throughout those 16 years, " I would never ride a Harley". Perhaps I made that statement because I saught the adrenaline that sport bikes offer or maybe it was the stigma that I thought Harleys were for older people that road slow Amd didn't look as cool. However, one day I borrowed a friends Harley. I immediately learned that they didn't pick up and move like a "crotch rocket", but what they do, do is haul ass and the feeling they give is so different. It's like filling your soul with a whole new culture and it breathing a while new life into you. I used to ride to have fun and feel the adrenaline. Now with the harley its for pure enjoyment, to feed my mind, heart and soul. I once watched this movie named, "Road to Paloma" and in the movie they road in the desert and they lived the way I feel riding the harley is meant to feel and gives to the soul. Ever since I watched that movie, I longed to experience that feeling and I was finally able to experience it with my wife for our second year anniversary in Nevada. This picture holds so much of a deep value to me, as not only was it the desert riding experience I have yearned for. It was also, in an ideal fashion for myself, with it being with my wife riding next to me. She was not the passenger behind me but the rider next to me. She's a fairly new rider, as she got her license two years ago. She doesn't love the ride the same that I do, but she does love the ride and what it does for her mind and feeling free during the moments of riding. I have found my soulmate that I'm able to embrace the soulful feeling while riding with her. I've always wanted the person I marry to be able to ride with me. I personally don't enjoy riding alone as it's great to experience the roads with someone else. I have many friends that ride but not everyone has a supportive spouse or has the same life schedule that we can just do the random things as we once did when we were young and riding. So to be able to experience the desert ride with my wife on our second year anniversary, was beyond accomplishing my dream. The fact that I'm able to capture all those emotions and accomplishments in one photo is beyond words honestly. I'm glad I'm able to share this story with anyone and everyone that reads this and I hope that everyone can feel the feeling I did of accomplishing something you have always dreamed of.