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  • Wendy E
    Published 3 years ago
    Philando Castile Recieves No Justice

    Philando Castile Recieves No Justice

    More people are learning about who Philando Castile the man was following the hurtful news that his murderer would be acquitted of all charges. We now know that he was a cafeteria supervisor who memorized all 500 of his student's food allergies. We know that he's never been incarcerated or in serious problems with the police, and we also know that he had legal documentation to carry a firearm. What is widely unknown however is that between July 2002 and his slaying in 2016 Castile had over 46 traffic stops. NPR reports that out of the 46 stops only 6 offenses were things that could've been noticed from the outside. Castile was being systematically targeted by the police until they finally killed him.