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Baby It’s Lame Outside
8 days ago
A year ago I was sitting at a friends house for a “Friendsgiving” celebration. At a certain point one friend said, I want to sing Christmas carols. She pulled out her phone and started belting out “Ba...
My Toxic Quality
11 days ago
The other morning I made a revealing discovery about myself: I have toxic qualities. I think a lot of us do, maybe all of us, but when you realize the qualities or traits that you may have, it's very ...
The Pain of Regret
2 months ago
“The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” This is a sentence I heard in some “take over your life” motivational videos that you come across on Facebook or something. I wrote this line down and s...
The Moo Cow
3 months ago
On September 1 of this year, I was scrolling mindlessly through social media and I saw a constant. It was repeated over and over by different people from various places of the world and all different ...
What Do Your Scars Mean?
4 months ago
It was 2013, I was in my happy place, a Pearl Jam concert. This show was at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. The second night of back to back shows. I was happy. Right before “Betterman,” Eddie Vedder...
Things Are Scary Even When You Know They Will Be Okay
5 months ago
I’m scared. Few things in life scare me. I’ve been through enough to realize that things work out, even when they seem the worst. What’s going on right now scares me a lot. Now that I’ve created enoug...