Veronica Williams

Chicagoan in TN. Currently married to the night and looking for coffee.

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Prince: 'Piano and a Microphone 1983' (A Review)
2 months ago
Prince said it himself: "I will not be here when the vault is opened." Sure enough, Piano & A Microphone was released by the NPG Records/Warner Bros. presses, and my dearly purple beloved is not here....
You Dumb-A**, That's Not How You Smoke It
2 months ago
I think the most stupid thing I've ever convinced myself of is that I can't get high or "drunk drunk" like other people usually do. It simply takes longer for me to float in the cosmos because I'm fat...
You're Gonna Get Hurt, Dude: An Opinion on an Anonymous Confession
3 months ago
[Disclaimer: I am in no shape, way, or form a dating guru. I cannot find you a match, catch you a catch, or hook you up with that fine piece of work at your job. I am but a lowly, wannabe blogger who ...
Tumblr's Trouble: An Opinion
3 months ago
By now, everyone has heard about Tumblr's decision to eliminate all things adult-oriented by the 17th. The website claims that non-erotic nude art is safe, but Instagram user (and painter) Dan Lacey (...
3 months ago
The fine line of her breathing oxymoron comes from years of facing ugly truths, comes from hours spent in mirrors, and stores just trying to look good. Finding herself in thousands of wasted li'l doll...
One Bald Babe
5 months ago
There's this saying that goes: "a woman who cuts off/shaves off all her hair is about to do something to change her life." I've seen it spun 900 different ways. "Her life is changing," "get out of the...