Vaden Chandler

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Guess Who Just Received the Highest Free-Agent Player Contract in the History of the MLB?
4 months ago
So I'm sitting here in my makeshift office/bedroom trying to make a dime or two for me and my lovely wife, and what do I happen to read in the Wall Street Journal but this - Manny Machado is now the r...
The Best Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms of 2018
6 months ago
If your new year’s resolution is to stay fit, then rest assured, there are plenty of exercise bikes out there that will meet your needs. Of course, some of the best exercise bikes would be those that ...
NHL Tough: The Inspiring Story of Brian Boyle
7 months ago
On Monday, November 5, 2018, an NHL player scored a hat-trick for the New Jersey Devils in their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Devils would later go on to beat the Penguins by a score of 5...
Judge Not
9 months ago
Why do we judge the homeless man when we haven't walked a mile in his cracked shoes? Why do we judge the rich man and heap praise on his pretty polished artful shoes? Why do we judge the diseased man ...
Things to See and Do in Greenland (Yes, Greenland)
10 months ago
If you are visiting Greenland, you might not be surprised at the remarks you receive when you tell your friends and acquaintances about it. “Won't it be cold?” and “What will you eat?” might be some o...
Facing Federal Charges? Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer
10 months ago
Incurring criminal charges is unquestionably a distressing event. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need effective representation from an experienced defense attorney. Represent yours...