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    Published 10 months ago
    3 Easy Steps to Get You Started with Meditation

    3 Easy Steps to Get You Started with Meditation

    The M word: meditation. We have all heard of it before. Maybe you heard Dr. Phil or an internet guru talking about its benefits and how it could change your life. Maybe you have had some interest in it but no time to invest into learning about it and grabbing the “gear.” Welp I have been there and resonate with your pain. Like you, I thought meditation was some holistic skill I wasn’t capable of doing. I was this way for a very long time until I discovered a YouTube video that quite honestly changed my life. This video gave me the insight I needed to start meditation. This led me to take the leap into the rabbit hole we call “Self-Care.” I learned a lot in that rabbit hole, but this blog is not about the rabbit hole, but actually about how to prep yourself for that jump in. These 3 easy steps I have listed below are what personally helped me and millions to get started in their meditation journey to a healthier lifestyle.