Tiff Ng

Social storyteller wandering around life. Aussie at heart, currently in Bali.

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God vs the Universe
4 days ago
I’ve spent the last few days soaking up all the spiritual goodness for which Ubud is known. Particularly with Eat Pray Love, or even the Kardashians, a quest to go find yourself seems incomplete witho...
How Do We Learn to Grieve?
4 months ago
It's a fact–we all experience grief at some point in our lives. We never know when we might face it, or how it will come. And we definitely don't know how it will affect us. I have seen death around m...
Are You Part of the Problem?
5 months ago
Social media. What immediately springs to mind? Is it that place you spend endless hours, lost in mindless scrolls of the same old memes and same old status updates? Perhaps it's a place of hope, a pl...
How to Digitally Detox
5 months ago
If I told you that you would lose all electricity and access to the internet for 24 hours, how would you feel? If you’re anything like me, your heart skips a tiny beat. But what if I miss an important...
The Guide to Happiness
6 months ago
I think I was around 10 years old. I was an angry child, frustrated with the world and my place in it, full of rage I did not know how to express. I remember laying on my bed, feeling the weight of th...