Thomas Phelps

A combination of different perspectives, evolving beliefs, and a splash of crazy rolled into one person.

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White Hat
6 months ago
I watched carefully as my opponent tested the waters, taking a couple steps forward. I let him, waiting to see what he would do. I could see him put something together, slowly trying to figure out how...
Afraid of the Dark
6 months ago
I was afraid of the dark. Now, I make my own way. Life has left its mark, And you can see it plain as day. My skin is thick as bark, My mind, a sealed off bay, I’m told to be plain and stark, But I ch...
Into Darkness
6 months ago
I watch as the world crumbles around me, Nothing to do to stop it. I watch as the people around me die and rot, Unable to intervene. I watch as survivors change and fall to their anger, Words dying on...
Not a Good Person
6 months ago
I’m not a good person. Most would disagree. I seem fearless, strong, smart. I appear powerful, happy, careless. I try to help where I can. But I’m not a good person. I’m there when friends need me. I ...
6 months ago
Many people think they know Happiness. Many people think they understand. But few ever learn what it truly is. Many people confuse Happiness with completion. Many more think it comes with victory. But...
6 months ago
I held my ground as the mugger pointed a knife at me in the alleyway shortcut I had taken. This was the last place I wanted to be, mostly because I was on my way to a date, and I really didn’t want to...