Taron Frazier

  • Taron Frazier
    Published 2 years ago
    The Screams of Amy

    The Screams of Amy

    On one unforgettable Saturday night, something I only thought happened in horror movies actually happened to me. On Saturday, October 3rd, at approximately 9:30pm, I received this chilling call from an unknown number. I picked up the phone to ask who was calling. No one replied. Then as soon as I waited four more seconds before hanging up, I heard a very disturbing scream. There were multiple screams in the background while whomever was on the phone was making heavy breathing noises. Due to how frighted I was I ended the call as fast as I could. My hair on my back was standing up and cold sweat was dripping from my armpits. Five minutes later the same number called again. I was going to ignore the call, but my curiosity got the best of me. I picked up the phone once again, but this time before I could say a word at all. I heard those familiar yet disturbing screams again. Then suddenly a creepy voice in the background said, “I’m here to get you.” And hung up on me. My bulb in my lamp blew out right at that moment. It scarred me almost to death. I got up and made my way downstairs to the basement to get a fresh bulb. I was so afraid of the dark I used my phone as a flashlight. Right when I made my way to the basement door, I heard a huge bang, it sounded as if the noise came from above on the second floor near the kitchen. I continued my way to search for a fresh bulb and luckily I had one left. I grabbed it and ran upstairs eager to get to my room where I felt more safe. I hurried to replace my old bulb with the new one and locked the door to my room. My parents would be home soon so I was eagerly waiting for them. I turned the TV on to keep my mind off the phone call.