Tanya Cvit

22 years old girl from Vukovar (Croatia). Like to travel and write about my experiences while visiting cool places.

How to Get from Split to Zadar
5 months ago
Another popular Croatian path linking significant architectural marvels is the Split to Zadar route. If you’ve heard of what either town has to offer and would like to experience it for yourself, here...
5 DIY Projects That Add Value to Your Home
9 months ago
DIY projects offer great ways of improving the condition of your property and adding value, especially if you want to sell your home. The cost of doing home improvements can be so high but DIY project...
5 Great Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies
9 months ago
The cost of office supplies is often overlooked and considered as insignificant to the overall operational costs. However, research shows it matters what your business spends on office supplies. An ac...
Top 3 Wedding Locations in Croatia
a year ago
Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the Balkans, Croatia boasts idyllic islands, all year-round sun, spectacular coastlines, numerous natural attr...
7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split
a year ago
Croatia’s second largest city after the capital city of Zagreb is Split. This beautiful city is popularly known as being the place where modernity and city life merge with an intriguing touch of ancie...