Steven Bailey

  • Steven Bailey
    Published 20 days ago
    Sports without fans

    Sports without fans

    Close your eyes...can you smell it? The smell of popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy. Did it make you smile? I know it made me smile. Baseball season is here! I couldn't be more excited except for one thing. It isn't going to be the same all season. I watched opening night today..Yankees vs. incredible franchise vs the defending World Series Champions! The atmosphere should have been electric! It should have been memorable. Instead, I watched empty seats with the only noises being from the PA system. It is saddening because the city of Washington, D.C. had been waiting for opening day since their world title run. I have been to multiple baseball games and every experience has been memorable. From my father taking me to my first game to taking my fiance there for her first baseball game as a date. I even miss the prices for everything at the concession stands. ( I never thought I would miss paying $6.00 for a hot dog!) Obviously, health is more important than any of what I described should have happened. However, I can't help but miss the fans. I miss seeing their reactions, hearing their reactions, etc. It really shows how much fans mean to the game. It couldn't have been the same for the players also.