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Questions About Online Teaching
a day ago
A campus is an extremely important element of college pedagogy. We don't consider everything that it does for us when we are there. Our classroom pedagogy is reliant, dependent, and influenced deeply by the walk to our classrooms, the experience of the dorm and cafeteria, and the feeling of the hallways. Many of us think about our classrooms as little islands that we control and have the responsibility for crafting a pleasant, productive environment where learning can happen. But how much of tha...
The Lonely Classroom
18 days ago
It's August. I'm in that mode of excitement mixed with anxiety as I start to prepare to teach. This often involves gathering up a lot of scraps of paper, things I've saved into MS OneNote and Google K...
Banning 8chan Won't Work
18 days ago
The Bad Metaphor of Shutting down the Press
Video Blames
18 days ago
The horrific mass shootings of the past couple of days are about to enter the well-known cycle of public discourse meant to account for their existence. People have to talk about these events to make sense of them, to account for why they happened, and to make sense of them—that is, to make sure they do not disrupt the normal order of the country. As usual, video games and the internet are taking a lot of the blame. But something is different this time. Rhetoric—oratory, persuasion, and discussi...
The Real Ellis Island
20 days ago
A trip to New York city is incomplete without experiencing the rich amount of American history that is on offer. The museums, the monuments, parks, statues, and historical sites is overwhelming. But t...
Missing The Debates? Don't Feel Bad
24 days ago
It feels pretty bad to be interested in politics but not want to sit through these three-hour candidate debates that keep cropping up. Featuring ten candidates—three or four you actually have heard of...