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I enjoy writing about soccer as well as many other subjects. Hopefully, you find my posts interesting and enjoy reading them. I hope to see my writing improve the more I post and provide greater insight to you.

Barcelona About to Land Antoine Griezmann
7 days ago
As the calendar turns to July and the transfer season is in full swing, the three-year saga to whether or not Griezmann will leave Atlético Madrid has seemed to reach its climax as he is in the proces...
Colleges: How They Actually Fail to Provide Economic Opportunity for Low-Income Students
22 days ago
College is a wonderful place where people have the opportunity to constantly learn about themselves and grow as individuals. College students are challenged everyday with high-level academic concepts,...
Finding Value in Transfers
a month ago
Much like NBA free agency, the summer transfer window in soccer provides the opportunity for clubs to change the dynamic of their team going into the next season. For fans, it provides a sense of hope...
Champions League or Bust:
2 months ago
On the heels of FC Barcelona's Champions League disaster to Liverpool at Anfield, it is pertinent to talk about how Champions League results can define or derail an entire season for big clubs outside...