Sneha Bopche

  • Sneha Bopche
    Published 22 days ago
    Reviving the Culture

    Reviving the Culture

    Art is everywhere our vision could reach. India is home to diversity and versatility. Our history cherished different art forms and manoeuvred those forms in fashion to grace our daily lives and occasions. Design textile is one of the most prevalent types of art, it defines our culture and moulds it into beautiful form of clothing and garments. If one thoroughly analyses this art form they would be amazed by the vastness and facts it consists. The textile design mirrors the splendid history of India; epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. These epics also portraits the widespread and versatility of the fabrics used in ancient India. Moreover, it reflects the requirements of the present-times. This invaluable art form has been threatened to be diluted by the superiority given to foreign art after British commencement. The invasion and evolution in our culture has incapacitated the true intent our ancestors embedded in textile. However, for fashion enthusiasts this art form has survived through the cultural invasion. There is a huge mass acknowledging the importance of textile design in our culture, whereas the rest take it for granted. No matter how profited our culture is by textile, there is a forthcoming fear for it to lose its value in our society.