Shawn Conwell

I was born in middle America in a place called Tulsa, Oklahoma to a young couple fresh out of high school. My mother and father were also born here, a product of the Baby boom on the later end of the generation. Both were the youngest.

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  • Shawn Conwell
    Published 18 days ago
    The Big Brother and the Bully

    The Big Brother and the Bully

    I was 11 years old when I became a brother. My parents second child was my sister Rachel. I was so happy when informed of her birth, because all the kids in my neighborhood had brothers and sisters. It would get pretty lonely being an only child. so having a sibling was all I ever wanted. At 13 we moved to another neighborhood on the better side of town, and my mother was pregnant with her third child, Raleigh. Let me tell you this kid was tough. When I was in high school and would bring a friend to my house the first thing he would do was punch them right in the nuts, laugh, and run out of the room. This is when he was about three. Once when he was five a friend of mine hoisted him up and pretended he was going to put him on the roof, and Raleigh hauled off and slapped the shit out of him, leaving a small hand print on his face.