Shandon Pendleton

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Shooting Guard Rankings
6 days ago
The two guard position has given us some of the most exhilarating scorers in NBA history, such as Dwyane Wade, Clyde Drexler, and the GOAT Michael Jordan, along with some of the current stars such as ...
Rating the Sophomores So Far
18 days ago
The 2017 draft class was awesome. We had so many great talents emerge last season and this year, we get the chance to see them get even better! I won't be talking about every player from the draft but...
Kawhi Leonard vs. Scottie Pippen
a month ago
Kawhi Leonard and Scottie Pippen. Both of these players are known as some of the best two-way players ever. Fantastic defenders who can score the ball efficiently as well. They never got to play again...
'00-01 Lakers vs. '18-19 Warriors
a month ago
Everybody knows that this years’ Warriors are a complete powerhouse. They’re on their way to win their third championship in a row. But that has led to recent talks about whether the Lakers of the ear...
All-Star Predictions: The East
2 months ago
LeBron is gone and the East is WIDE open. The obvious frontrunners to win the East haven't been exactly obvious as we thought they'd be...but there are tons of stars out in the East that deserve All-S...
All-Star Predictions: The West
2 months ago
This year, so far has shown us lots of talent. There are a lot of players that I expect to make the All-Star game that are doing great, but there are also lots of players that have surprised me. If th...