Shandon Pendleton

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Can Duke Beat the Cavs?
8 days ago
With Duke smashing the number two team in the nation, Kentucky, a lot of people have been saying that the Blue Devils are talented enough to take on even the Cavs of the NBA. The question is, can they...
NBA Debates 3
8 days ago
Alright, let's go round 3 of more of these debates. True or false.
NBA Debates 2
12 days ago
The last article I wrote about NBA opinions was really fun to write and sparked a lot of debate. So let's do a round 2!
NBA Debates
18 days ago
Recently, I read a bunch of NBA opinions on Instagram and I thought they were very interesting. People all around have tons of different opinions, some popular and some unpopular. So let's take a look...
Rockets-Lakers Brawl
22 days ago
Everyone who watched the NBA saw the brawl between Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram. I’m sure all you Laker and LeBron haters totally stood up for CP3 and condoned what Rondo and Ingram did,...
2018-19 NBA Rookie Predictions
25 days ago
This year's draft class has given us some great talent and potential. It'll be hard to match last year's rookie class but we will see some great young stars rising up. I'm gonna rank each player on th...