Sebastien Lacasse

Passionate🔥.  Experience-driven 🚗.  Writer ✏️.   Plant-based 🥦.  From Miami, FL 🏝.  Trying to stay woke 🧠

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Why We Introvert Shame and Why We Should Stop
8 months ago
The narrative on introverts has been pretty much the same since the dawn of the phrase. They’re quiet. Lonely. Not outgoing. Often “too nice,” they don’t speak up for themselves. They don’t like peopl...
The DNA of Greatness
8 months ago
I recently watched a documentary on Albert Einstein, and by recently I mean this morning. It was fascinating. Obviously, the main focus was on his achievements in theoretical physics like his papers o...
Living a Life of Intention
8 months ago
Intentional living has always been a nebulous concept for me. What does it mean? Isn’t everything I do driven by intention at some point? When do I cross the ethereal threshold of living an “intention...
Generational Hate and Why Millennials Aren't the Worst
8 months ago
From being labeled “entitled” to “technology obsessed,” “detached,” and “narcissistic,” you’ve probably heard quite a bit about millennials, especially recently. Millennials get a lot of flack, especi...
Yes, I’m Mixed, Yes, You Can Stop Mentioning It
9 months ago
Okay, short rant. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t come up so often. Why does it come up so often? Well, it’s kind of written... on my skin. Somehow, people think that my being mixed means the...
The Rise of the Freelance Economy
9 months ago
There’s a trend rising in the economy, especially within members of my own generation. Millennials love freelancing. Like, a lot. And when you look at the type of work freelance often entails, it’s no...