Sarah Terra

Sarah Terra is a fiction writer and published poet. She has been a freelance content writer since 2010. Her work has appeared on informational websites, digital literary journals and print.

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3 No Cost Ways to Reward Yourself
8 months ago
I have a recurring daydream. I get up at the first tone of an alarm clock, leap out of bed, and into a quick shower. I do my hair and makeup, have a little coffee and toast, then dash off to work. Som...
Trying Edibles After 30 Weed-Free Years
8 months ago
Things have changed.
Why Do We Leave Mementos?
8 months ago
My high-school-age son had an old Casio keyboard. It was handed down to him by his grandmother when he was small. He composed some of his first tunes on it. He played sing-along songs for his little s...
Live Life with No Regrets
8 months ago
Regrets are a bitch. The more people I meet, the more I realize that everyone lives with sadness about missed opportunities. Recently, I talked with a teenage girl who told me that she had passed on a...
The Questioning Bells
a year ago
Summertime brought the buzzing, slow moving skydivers in the corner of her room The bedsheet, a veil between her little face and the dipping invaders So many nights sobbing quietly She said: Daddy, th...
Easy Ways to Become More Creative
a year ago
We've all been there. Drumming our fingers, wracking our brain, trying desperately to come up with an idea. Summoning creativity can seem like an impossible task. Whether you're staring at a blank pag...