Samuel Moore

Love to write and have more than a few opinion

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The Black Hunter
13 days ago
This has to be said, I love bamboo. In fact with a long line of bows I will pretty much always pick the bamboo bow. There is something that is just hard to describe. I often compare a bamboo bow to an...
Archery Love
2 months ago
Archery is something that is hard to explain. It’s more than just picking up a bow and taking a few shots. It’s that feeling of holding the bow while out in the open. I often get asked, ‘which bow sho...
The Dark Universe
3 months ago
The universal cinema’s attempt at a ‘Dark universe’ didn’t go that well. But there was a lot of potential there. It extended further than people normally think, and when we start breaking things down,...
'Game of Thrones' Meant Something
3 months ago
To be honest, in the beginning it meant naked women and the promise of dragons. The simple pleasures in life make all the difference. There were a number of characters, like Jon Snow, that I just didn...
7 months ago
Like most people, my knowledge of autism was almost non-existent. I had even fallen into the category of people who thought autism was caused (if nothing else, than in part) by vaccines. Spoiler: They...
7 months ago
It’s something that can debilitate everyone of us. There are a thousand reasons as to why it starts but the result always seems to be the same. A fear of crowds can be understood. For me, there is som...