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  • Sabrina
    Published 12 days ago
    Resilience: Are You in Control?

    Resilience: Are You in Control?

    Have you ever felt like you were trying so hard to move forward in life only to find yourself stuck in the same place? You may have been like me. It all started with The Locus of Control a concept that was extremely difficult for me to grasp in my psych 101 class. There is the Internal Locus of Control and External Locus of Control. The internal one focus on you believing that you have the ability to change how your life will go while the external one is about things outside of your control are responsible for why something didn’t happen for you. I hadn’t realized that I was living by the external control of things, I had thought I was the one in control of my life until I realized(after long hours of questioning myself) I was blaming my upbringing(you can insert what is blocking you) for why I couldn’t get better in my life, and when I thought I was moving forward I was really taking 10 steps back; I would end up back in the same place I was before. The problem was I didn’t really want to be responsible for myself, secretly I had been wanting someone else to sweep me away and take control of my actions, but deep down I wanted that control. So after many hours and months and years of research I came across the answer, resilience, the power of your accord. I will tell you it is not easy. It is a complete transformation of yourself, but the end result is worth it. You will be happier and healthier because of it. So, below are the principles of resilience which focus on the Internal Locus of Control —taking personal responsibility for yourself to overcome the hard times that enter your life. It has helped change my life and I hope it can shed some light on possibly some areas you might be going through as well. To those who already use this pat yourself on the back.