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10 More of the Most Hilarious Corporate Logo Fails (Pt. 2)
a day ago
Marketing is an essential ingredient in every company's success, and is a job that can skyrocket a business's name if done well. There are some staple rules to it too, which generally work as a framew...
Charge Your Devices in Style with the Courant Wireless Charging Station
3 months ago
I am, admittedly, over prepared, in most cases. It may be because my Gameboy Color died once when I was at after-school care and I had to play Uno until my Dad picked me up, or it may be because I saw...
Get the Full 360 Degree View of Your Home When You're Away with the EZVIZ Dome Camera
3 months ago
My father has a problem. Well, my father has more than one problem, but there's no point in getting into all my familial drama online. My father works as a Union Carpenter in the greater NYC area. Cur...
How to Coordinate All Your Smart Home Devices with the FIBARO FGMS Motion & Temperature Sensor
3 months ago
I've recently come across a series of problems ever since I upgraded my home. For starters, I seem to have a lot more company than I used to have when my home wasn't considered "smart." Secondly, smar...
Why to Buy a Toucan Weatherproof Outdoor Security Camera
3 months ago
I'm one of those weird people that loves it when it's wet. I know it sounds a little farfetched, but if you follow the logic that going to the beach is only worth it if you actually go into the ocean,...
How to Save Money on Your Utilities With the Ambi Climate 2 Smart Heating & AC Controller
3 months ago
I am not unlike most men when it comes to my body temperature. Sure, there may be an insulated section around my tummy affectionately referred to as a spare tire, but I'm sure that has nothing to do w...