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The 10 Oldest Drinking Traditions in the World
2 months ago
No one knows exactly when for sure, but seemingly since the dawn of time, people have found ways to get the party started. Drinking was more than just a means to numb the ever-present pain that is dir...
Top 25 Kosher Red Wines
2 months ago
For the past several years, my family and I have invited my Jewish college roommate over for Easter. My mother looks at this as an opportunity to share the wealth, so to speak, while my friend and I u...
10 More of the Most Hilarious Corporate Logo Fails (Pt. 2)
3 months ago
Marketing is an essential ingredient in every company's success, and is a job that can skyrocket a business's name if done well. There are some staple rules to it too, which generally work as a framew...
Charge Your Devices in Style with the Courant Wireless Charging Station
6 months ago
I am, admittedly, over prepared, in most cases. It may be because my Gameboy Color died once when I was at after-school care and I had to play Uno until my Dad picked me up, or it may be because I saw...
Get the Full 360 Degree View of Your Home When You're Away with the EZVIZ Dome Camera
6 months ago
My father has a problem. Well, my father has more than one problem, but there's no point in getting into all my familial drama online. My father works as a Union Carpenter in the greater NYC area. Cur...
How to Coordinate All Your Smart Home Devices with the FIBARO FGMS Motion & Temperature Sensor
6 months ago
I've recently come across a series of problems ever since I upgraded my home. For starters, I seem to have a lot more company than I used to have when my home wasn't considered "smart." Secondly, smar...