Richard L

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Healthcare entrepreneur|CEO/COO of FAVOR Greenville |CEO Wellness Partners Group|Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer . Saving world from looming crisis of despair. MA | MBA; countless other certs. 

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Rock Bottom Does Not Exist
2 hours ago
The Myths Of Rock Bottom and Willingness Terms like “rock bottom” and willingness could be viewed as nothing more than slogans batted around at various self-help groups. If that were the case, there w...
10 Super Secret Facts About Being Addicted
12 days ago
My name is Richard Jones and this is my story! When I was “out there” in active addiction, I was only vaguely aware of what addiction was. My job exposed me to the mental health world as I worked in h...
Constant Connection + Constant Comparison = Constant Crisis
a month ago
I have been a practicing clinician and clinical manager working in the substance use disorders and mental health treatment industries for over 20 years. For over 10 years, my work involved specialty p...
Anxiety Is a Psychological Smoke Detector
a month ago
Have you checked your smoke detectors lately? You need to put in new batteries at least once a year. Smoke detectors serve a very important function. They provide an early warning system for potential...