Rebecca Bailey

I’m a believer, a foster mom, a dog mom & an amateur baker.

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18 days ago
I had failed, that’s all I could think. I was a failure as a parent, a foster parent and a decent human being. In training, they all but said that if we disrupted it was all our fault because we weren...
a month ago
“I couldn’t be a Foster Parent, I worry I would get attached.” Foster parents hear this a lot, I mean A LOT. At least once a week, almost this exact phrase. We smile and nod, or just shrug our shoulde...
Laughter, Tears and Love
a month ago
My sweetheart came into my home at 16 months old. In the time she has been with us, I have laughed more than I had in a long time. She is sunny, and funny, and goofy! She is also able to get into anyt...