Rachel Jacobs

I'm an escapist with a chameleon heart.

I write morbid or psychological horror and heartfelt poetry.

I feel v deeply.

@phantasma.philosophy ~ Instagram for my poetry.

7 days ago
My whole life I’ve lived like this, hung by strings attached to my fingertips, arms, legs, toes, and head. During the day I hang freely, and swing with the gentle sea breezes that pass by. To my left ...
7 days ago
I’m slipping back into a state of consciousness, I’m gripping onto reality. It feels like I’m spinning in a vortex of hyperreality, these colors are so vivid and lovely. Why does no one visit me? Why ...
Greasy Love
7 days ago
My guilty pleasure is gluttony Nothing makes me feel more free Than shoveling food into my face The burden of being a disgrace Comes from a need to feed This empty void of hungry greed I am sneaky and...
7 days ago
There is an unspoken misery of loneliness for me. I absolutely crave partnership. My friendships are a rich one’s fortune. I see it everywhere online and in books or movies too, how your own lonelines...
7 days ago
Sometimes I want to give up being a ghost At times my personality feels overdosed I want to recoil and hide in my identity I’m exuberant, I’m loud, I’m a raging sea But I am awkward and I am strange A...
The King's Pawn
7 days ago
I know I am just a pawn In the lives of the withdrawn Maybe I am just a light Maybe I am just your appetite I am used and I am worn I give out love to those unborn Of true affection and empathy I have...