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  • Poppy
    Published 17 days ago
    And that’s on Period.

    And that’s on Period.

    We’ve all been there. We all have that one (or several) horrendous tales that we tell our girlfriends over the G&Ts, about our monthly duelings with ‘her downstairs’. An embarrassing accident on the bus, or that one time you wore white and, well... Every woman battles it at some point. And it's a journey you can't wait to start, until it happens. I had one friend at secondary school who managed to stave off having a period till she was 15, and we were all incredibly jealous. And yet, she couldn't wait to get it and be 'part of the gang'. The gang that had to endure P.E lessons in shorts because trackies weren't allowed. Or the excruciating embarrassment of changing in front of your entire year group, only to discover your pad was hanging out like a chavs tits. She couldn't wait for all that? I assured her, she really wasn't missing out, she was one of the lucky ones.