Neha Kaul

  • Neha Kaul
    Published about a month ago
    Retail management, a new dawn!

    Retail management, a new dawn!

    The boom in the retail segment gives affirmation to the young generation of the country about the secure future that the sector provides. Retail Management is one of the novel specialisations which is an integrated part of the supply chain management. In this programme, the business model of retail business essentially, ways to develop and sustain a competitive advantage in the retail sector, are taught. Merchandising basics, Retail distribution network, Supply chain basics, Warehousing, physical distribution, logistics, etc. are some crucial aspects of this sector that are taught during the tenure of a retail management course. This course either is pursued in the form of degree programmes, which is, BBA and MBA course, or is undertaken as a short-term skill-based programme like a certificate course.