Nathan Stotts

Nathan Stotts grew up in Springfield, Illinois. He has always been interested in writing, more specifically film and screenplays. It wasn't until late 2017 that he finally pursued it deeper than just a hobby.

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Adopted Struggle: What It's Like
9 months ago
How an adoptee handles being adopted differs from person to person depending on experience. I cannot speak for my older brother, but for me it has been an interesting journey with a lot of ups and som...
Adopted Struggle: Clarity
10 months ago
In my last story, I talked a little bit about myself, and I want to be clear about something: I am glad I grew up where I did and was afforded the opportunities that I had. I grew up in a great school...
Bettering Yourself = Happiness Vol. 1
10 months ago
In my first "story" I talked about the continuing psychological struggle of adoption that I face on a daily basis. While I still struggle, and will always struggle with it, I have to find happiness. R...
Adopted Struggle
10 months ago
At twenty-nine years-old, I don't know how I feel about adoption. You would think that I would be all for it being adopted myself, but I cannot say whether I support it or am against it. Sure, if I wa...