Mollie J

20 years old trying to navigate the world, day to day, minute to minute.

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What Is a Trigger?
10 months ago
"TRIGGERED!!!" A statement frequently seen - misused - on the internet. This usually can be found in the comment section in relation to some celebrity gossip or TV drama, or to poke fun at people who ...
How Do You Stay Sane Once You Enter Your 20s?
10 months ago
Your 20s – A time in which you are meant to relish in the richness of life whilst experiencing a generous amount of struggle but in a "cool, calm and collected way." A time that sees you make the bigg...
The Sisterhood Complex
a year ago
I will never deny how beautiful female friendship is, a sisterhood with whom you can share your world, a group of girls who understand you and guide you both wisely and recklessly through your lives t...
Personal Space is an Actual Thing, Sir.
a year ago
It's a tough 'ole world out there for us girls - this is a known fact so I shan't labour it too much, worry not. I just want to share with you an experience I had the other day which had a superb effe...