Mikaila Mack

Professional Scriber specializing in Depression and Racism. I write about both…and other things, of course. Would you like to tip?

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Why Taking 'Shrooms Will Make You a Better Person
11 days ago
Before I start this story off, detailing my immensely transformative experience while under the influence of the magical drug called "mushrooms," I'd like to issue a formal apology to my grandmother, ...
Moving On
7 months ago
It’s bittersweet. At one point after you’ve moved on, you’ll look over at the person you had once been in pain over losing, and you’ll feel absolutely nothing. You’ll realize that all of the hurt and ...
How to Survive Depression Even When You Desperately Don't Want To
7 months ago
Don't let the smile fool you —I am NOT a happy person. Throughout the 10 years of my ongoing war with depression, I've become an expert at how to appear happy even when every vein in my body is scream...