Micky Thinks

I claim this space as my corner of the net to express my deepest feelings and most sentimental thoughts. Not all opinions shared will be popular, thus the pseudonym. But it is my hope that others (if only one) can connect to my strife.

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How To Make Friends In Your 20s
8 months ago
It’s okay to admit it. You want to build new friendships but are unsure of how. Find solace in knowing you are not alone. There are millions of others like you who find themselves feeling the same way...
How to Approach Black Women
8 months ago
In my experience as a Black woman, one of the most interesting topics I’ve discussed with other Black women is how men approach us. To be specific, how non-Black men approach us. It’s a complex experi...
A First Lesbian Experience
8 months ago
Tianna tossed her backpack onto her bed as she came into the room. After another long school day, it was comforting to finally be back home. Her bedroom was a mess. Week old laundry and books crowded ...
Eat It Like You Mean It
8 months ago
Make it sexy. Make it exhilarating. Make it nasty. If you’re familiar with my recent writing on how to perform the best blowjob, you understand the emphasis I place on nastiness. It doesn’t mean you h...
Tips on Giving the Best Blowjob
8 months ago
I don’t like receiving oral sex. I derive no pleasure from it. I’ve had a number of enthusiastic individuals volunteer to change my attitude but I politely turned them down. I’m content with my prefer...
Dating: Casual or for Marriage?
9 months ago
Imagine living in the home of your dreams. It’s 9 AM, you’ve just opened your eyes, and you roll over in bed to grab your phone from the bedside table. Only a few new emails and social media updates. ...