Madeleine Graves

  • Madeleine Graves
    Published 2 years ago


    Zachary is an 8 year old Yorkie-Poo. He also happens to be my best friend. He came to me when I was in the 8th grade when all of my older siblings were leaving for college. In my opinion, he couldn't have arrived at a better time. For me, middle school was not only a time of awkward bodily changes, it was also a time full of pain. Nobody truly wanted to be my friend. I also got cyber-bullied a lot. A 13-14 year old girl with body image/confidence issues already knows her flaws, she doesn't need anyone else to point them out for her. I was beginning to slip into a depression. My only friends, my siblings, were all gone or in the process of leaving... This left me with my parents. Mom? Dad? I love you, but at that age, it was UNTHINKABLE to publicly be friends with your parents. Now that I'm much older, I do consider my mom to be my human best friend. She's pretty great. Alright, back to the loser years. Zack came to me on a crisp, fall afternoon. My mother was in front of my school to pick me up as was custom. This time, however, my father, who happens to be the school superintendent (that helps with my friend problem... not.), escorted me to her car. I didn't mind, usually he gives me money for a pop! This time was different. When I got to the car, I see this little black fur ball looking up at me from the front seat. He was jumping and whimpering and licking the window. My heart soared. I loved him already.