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Student who loves anything and everything about the music world. Writing reviews and helping add songs to all your favorite playlists. Follow on social media; Instagram: @mackenziecoberley Twitter: @_ItsJustMack_ Snapchat: mackenzie.125

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Logic: 'Bobby Tarantino II' Review
9 days ago
After the success of his hit single "1-800-273-8255" ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid, there are a lot of expectations from the rapper for his following album Everybody. Everybody left some fans disappoint...
Two Undiscovered Bands with Music That Will Be Stuck in Your Head All Day
14 days ago
One of my favorite things to do is to find new music from unsigned artists and bands. There are so many humans in today’s world just trying to make music and share what they feel through an outlet tha...
Untarnished Songs by Bands Who Are Over-Played on Radio
17 days ago
We all hate it when our favorite bands and artists become too "popular," and you become sick and tired of hearing the same song on every single radio station. Bands like Twenty-One Pilots and Imagine ...
'The Greatest Showman' Soundtrack Review
24 days ago
The Greatest Showman hit the theaters December 8, 2017. Since then, it has not done anything but receive amazing buzz about the movie, the acting, the singing, and the music. I saw the movie awhile ba...
Apple Music vs. Spotify
a month ago
The long-waited debate of Apple Music vs Spotify has arrived. I have been a user of both Apple Music and Spotify and here is my review over both apps and the pros and cons of each. I took five separat...
Justin Timberlake: 'Man of the Woods' Review
a month ago
After the 20/20 Experience release that Justin Timberlake made, Man of the Woods had mixed reviews and was claimed "average at best." Justin wanted to tie back to his Tennessee roots with this new alb...