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    Published 19 days ago
    Final Exam Essay

    Final Exam Essay

    1. Gender Construction Femininity is concerned with the orientation of the female sex. Stereotyping an individual due to their feminine nature is imperative in further reinforcing sex functions in society. Femininity can be perceived in two ways: conventional femaleness and defiant femaleness. For instance, the idealized feminine body in contemporary society is exceedingly thin and changes the meaning of conventional femininity. The reason is that it represents determination, commitment, and power. Femininity has transformed over time as unlike conventional femininity, modern femininity establishes a fusion that incorporates both conventional femaleness and defiant femininity. The aim is to retain conventional femininity and at the same time portray the traditional traits of a male in terms of leadership, power, strength, and dedication. Women have changed biological, social, and psychological needs attached to them, redefined themselves, and created a new understanding of females as individuals.