Linda Mayaba

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Is the University Education System Broken?
7 months ago
Everyday I enter a lecture room, pick a seat, sit down, and get ready to watch a slide presentation. It could be a slide presentation on the theory of money in economics or a presentation on how to co...
What I Wish I Knew Before Applying for College Abroad
7 months ago
I still remember the day I received my admission offer from my dream university. "We're pleased to offer you admission..." I couldn't move for a while. I was paralyzed with joy. The feeling is difficu...
Top 5 Must-Use Resources on Campus That Every International Student Should Know About
7 months ago
International students pay so much for college but are they getting the most out of it? I've put together a list of must-use resources on campus that many international students tend to forget about.
7 months ago
On the day that Nqobile left for college, her mother hugged her. Nqobile’s mother—a petite woman with a stern face, aimed straight at her daughter’s petite body, with arms wide open. It was an awkward...