Laura T

A 23-year-old woman being dragged through life. 

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  • Laura T
    Published about a year ago
    'I'm Really Into You But...'

    'I'm Really Into You But...'

    I'm 23 and the number of conversations I've had online with people I do not know probably surpassed the three-digit figure some time ago. Hundreds of matches and meaningless conversations later, I finally find another human being that I want to sustain a conversation with. That is where the problems really begin because once you start to get to know a person, you want to know more and I want to know more. After having had numerous conversations with him, meeting up and deciding to hang out sometime again and finally accepting and being assured that he was in fact into me, it happened. "I'm really into you but..." That's right, he'd gone out on a date and went home with somebody else. But that is okay, right? Because what can I say? I cannot say that I'm unhappy, or hurt, or that he should not have done it, because we aren't together. What is worse, he told me he was so into me that he thought I deserved the respect and honesty he had given me by actually informing me that he had done this. Was I angry? Yes. Did I cry? Yes. Did I still want to get to know him more and spend time with him? Yes. Unfortunately, I did.