Kim Spicer

  • Kim Spicer
    Published 5 months ago


    The photo I pick is of my mother. We are at Ihop for breakfast and while waiting for our food, she had gazed outside the window for several minutes and was daydreaming about something or maybe someone. At that moment, I had to discreetly take a picture of her in that moment of wonder, like a time capsule of her. I love this picture because it was a natural juncture of my mother in deep thought, which I rarely get to see because I live across the country and when I do see her and spend time with her, she is mostly moving around doing something or cooking most of the time and spending time with her grandchildren. At that instant, she was taking the time to herself and to think about something was it life; her past, present or future or even her loved ones. In the photo, is she happy, sad or just content with life? When looking at my mother, at the instance it reminds me of how valuable our loved ones are to us and every minute we have with them is a blessing to have with them since we don't know when our last day will be with them. So every day I say or text, ”I love you” to her. To my husband and kids, I give them a kiss and say ”I love you”, at night before going to bed I give them hugs, kisses and say ”I love you.”