Kelsey Trombatore

  • Kelsey Trombatore
    Published about a month ago
    Why We Should Watch Our Mouths

    Why We Should Watch Our Mouths

    I don't know about you, but I have been watching the world from behind my phone screen and living room window in horror at the unraveling of what we held in our ritualistic hands as reality. The urge to speak up on any public platform that I could get my hands on was and has been comparable to a kick in the gut, but I refrained despite the guilt. Why, you ask? Because it appeared to me that I needed to do something that I noticed most people were not; to practice the pause. We have all witnessed the vicious attacks against each other on social media, confrontations in the supermarket over wearing or not wearing masks, and the massive raking over the coals of endless individuals who simply have different perspectives. Ever heard that quote asking about how you would feel if all the words you spoke were suddenly tattooed on you or something like that? Same principle. But beyond that, I remembered that if you are against something, you should be pro its opposite. The law of attraction only operates knowing that all of your energy is going toward your object of thought, and when charged with emotion, is in hyperdrive. So then comes the pause, the moment to zoom out of the sea of cognitive dissonance and ego and see the big picture. To deliberate on one's words before they are in the ethers permanently. In addition to being careful what you say, the turbulence of societal functions as a whole right now is draining all of us. I am so guilty of sharing self- deprecating meme's or making jokes at my own expense- do not do this! Your mind doesn't know the difference and your words are spells. If you don't feel gorgeous and loving saying it, step back and regroup. This is what I do know- I love all of you and I am going to spend my time conjuring fond thoughts of how we can continue to come together and communicate for a better future. It is absolutely imperative. I believe that what we are going through right now is a massive cleansing and shift for the better and I know that many of you are awakening spiritually. I am here for you. Make time for self care and practice the pause before you create your reality. When you come out the other side eloquent, positive, and open- minded, the future becomes something that isn't so scary.