Kayla Lanae Ward

  • Kayla Lanae Ward
    Published 6 months ago
    An Open Letter to You.

    An Open Letter to You.

    I just ruined another relationship because of my lovely condition you would always refer to as "crazy". What I want to know is was I really crazy thinking you were cheating? It didn't seem like it when I caught you. But what's even worse is the fact that I punished another man for your sins when he would never do what you did. I set at home wondering what he's doing when he's with his friends. I wonder every second of everyday if I'm good enough for him and if I'm being cheated on. You did that to me. You want to talk about being crazy... you made me that way. But, this isn't a rant about the wrong you did, it's an open letter to you about how I'm growing stronger everyday with this.