Katherine Caruso

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The Wise Old Owl
3 months ago
There was a wise old owl fidgeting in a tree—making a nest for her and her babies to rest. This wise old owl always stared at me from the tree, almost deciding if she could trust someone like me. Late...
3 months ago
Colors of red, white and blue fireworks in the sky going boom bang boom- the flag stands tall, through rain and snow- flying strong. This is America and this is their song. "We the people of the Unite...
Forgotten One
3 months ago
Hiding in the shadows humming herself to sleep, a frightened young women silences her every weep. Shielding her eyes from the moons glow, she starts to fade away leaving behind emotions that harassed ...
The "Candy" Talk
3 months ago
As a Mom—my love is unlimited. It doesn't matter if your happy or sad, angry or glad—I love you. This is my story to you, my children. Although you are young know, you will soon be older—soon as old a...
I Hide
3 months ago
Why do you gotta think I'm always fine, don't you realize the stress I hide? Behind my eyes and believable lies- you'll never know how often I cry. My mind is an eggshell- delicate and fragile. The st...
3 months ago
I think I'm going to build a snowman- make myself a new friend., and we will share cigarettes to forget about all of lifes' regrets. We’ll tell each other secrets and debate the point of smoking cigar...